Life is short….

10 Dec


In July of 1983 my dad Mel Pastiloff died. We were all there at home the night it happened. I was 5 years old at the the time and my sister Jen was 8. That moment forever shaped who we were, it forever altered my course in life. I always wish I had more time with him, I always wanted to tell him I loved him more.

When I was in 8th grade my step-father Carl also passed away of a heart attack. I was devastated! I remember that I had called him on his birthday in January to say hello(my mom had already divorced him). His wife at the time would not let me talk to him. When he died I felt so cheated, the anger I felt inside just consumed me. I loved Carl, he was amazing. It was the second time that I never got to say good-bye, that I never got to say that I love you one more time.

When I was 19 years old I called my good friend Pat to say hi. It had been about 8 months since we spoke. We often let time go by without speaking, but when we did, it was like no time had passed at all. When I called a strange voice answered the phone. Very abruptly the person asked me twice if I was sure I was calling for Pat. I was confused and said, “Yes, why?” Then without any warning the strange guy on the phone said, ‘Pat is DEAD!” Oh my god I dropped the phone and let out a scream. I spent the entire night crying. If you knew Pat you would understand. This was an amazing individual, a true gift to this world. I was crushed. I never got to say to him I miss you, I love you that last time. That night I went to sleep he came to me in my dreams and said, “It’s ok, don’t worry about me, I am fine.” I really believe it was him, I found comfort in that.

Two years ago I got a frantic phone call from my mother. She kept yelling something to me on the phone. I kept saying to her I have to call you back I have my hands full. She said, “RACHEL, RACHEL…NATALIE IS DEAD!!!!!!” Natalie is my cousin, she was my best friend growing up. Oh my god, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I immediately hung up the phone and called my Aunt Honey. I can not even begin to explain what is like to hear the pain in somebody’s voice when their child has died. My cousin and I had let many years go by without speaking. She never got to meet my children, I never go to hug her that one last time. I do however have her children to love. I do have her children still to see her face. I want to show them all the love in the world to somehow make up for the lost time with their mother.

So here is really what I am getting at….

Tell them you love them now, don’t wait.

Tell the people in your life that you are grateful for them, that you appreciate them, that you love them. Just tell them that they mean something to you.


I am on the phone with my mom, my sister, my husband, my children, my in-laws, or an old friend I say, I LOVE YOU!!!

I am so grateful for so many people in my life and for so many different reasons.

I wanted to share with you some of the people that I care about, love and am happy to have in my life.

I love my children for giving me a reason to wake up in the morning

I love my mom for ALWAYS being there, no matter what

I love my sister Jen  for seeing in me what I couldn’t see in myself

I love my dad Mel for being my angel in heaven, I know he saved me more than once

I love my step-dad Jack for loving me from day one, for always being a rock in my life

I love my in-laws for their dedication to my children, for being patient and loving to them everyday

I love my Aunt Honey, she has always been a second mom to me. She is more amazing than I think she even realizes

I love all my sisters friends, old and new, who have shown me so much love in my life

I love all my old friends, who have accepted me through it all.

I am so grateful for Dr. Miller who has made sure that Blaise lives the best life possible

I am so grateful for all the new friends I have made here in Atlanta

I am so grateful for all the people who love Blaise just the way he is

I am so grateful for John Hall, who has shown me that anything is possible in life.

I am so grateful for Emily Rapp who has shown me to envision a life of happiness, even if right now sucks!

I am so grateful for my new amazing doctor. I feel so blessed to have someone in my life who truly cares about my well being

I am so grateful for all the people at my supermarket. They make my day every time I go in to shop

I am so grateful for Janine, Pattrika, and Sumiya. 3 of the most amazing therapists in the world. Blaise is so blessed to have them.

I am so grateful for my ENTIRE EXTENDED PWS FAMILY, There are not enough words to say how much I love and care for them all

I am so grateful for all the people who smile back at me, say hello, and ask me how I am doing to day.

I am full of love in my life. I am full of people who I am lucky to have in my life. I have made it a practice in my life to always say I love you, to always tell people how much they mean to me. Life is short, you never know when it can be taken away.

I think there is an interesting side not to all of this. We should always think of giving and doing for others. Not because we have to, but because we want to. I have an easy way to give to someone that won’t cost you a dime. Tell somebody today that you love them. Tell somebody today that you are grateful for them in your life. Ask somebody today how they are doing, and really mean it! There is no better gift in the world to let somebody know that they are loved, you will truly make their day.


I am blessed to have had many people forgive me in my life!

So dear readers, this is your chance to make a difference today. Go out in your day and tell somebody that they matter, that they rock or just tell them you love them. DO IT NOW….DON’T WAIT!!!!!

2 Responses to “Life is short….”

  1. jamesvincentknowles December 10, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

    love to you and thank you for this excellent & moving encouragement.

  2. Jo Ellen Corcoran December 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm #

    I love you….
    I love your Enthusiasm for Love…
    thanks for reminding me about the Power of Forgiveness..

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