Stop it Now……

23 Dec

STOP SAYING THE “R” WORD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if the word is “retarded” is in the english language dictionary. You should never use that word unless you are a doctor using it in a legitimate medical frame of reference. I am so sick of hearing people use this word so carelessly. I am sick of hearing people’s children using this word so carelessly. We need to make a change. I am the parent of an amazing child who just happens to have special needs. It would break my heart to hear somebody refer to my child in those terms. It breaks my heart to hear anybody just use that word so flippantly. Then to add insult to injury is the people that use that word and try to rationalize why it is ok. IT IS NOT OK, IT IS NEVER OK.

Here is a news flash. MEAN PEOPLE SUCK. YES, THEY DO.

That word is mean, it is hurtful, it is insulting.

There are lots of words in the english language dictionary that are inappropriate to use in everyday language. We don’t walk around saying all those words all the time just because they are there. When are we going to make a change? When are we going to stop?

I read everyday about another child who has killed themselves because they were bullied. Young kids killing themselves for being picked on for being homosexuals, or fat, or geeky, or goth and the list goes on. We have got to start protecting our youth. We have got to stand up to people who want to tear other people down.

I have corrected numerous people in my life when they used the “R” word. I don’t care if they got mad at me or not, I don’t care if they are family or friends. I am going to protect my son and all the special people in the world like him. I will not let that nonsense go on in my presence.

So dear readers. Are you willing to stand up to the people in your life and make a difference?

Here is a great organization to check out. Spread the word to end the word here is their website,check it out.

One Response to “Stop it Now……”

  1. barbarapotter December 24, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    I feel the same way and will do anything to stop that word from being used. I believe compassion starts as home.

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