Boring Be Gone

28 Dec

It’s all about the Red Lips…

So I have decided to I am going to wear red lipstick every single day of my life. I have no particular reason why, other than the fact that red lipstick makes me feel sexy.

Yes, I have two children. Yes, I am married. Those two things should not dictate the end of my age of sexiness. I am reclaiming my youth, in a sense.

I want to feel funky again, like I did in my early twenties in Los Angeles. I am taking it back, I am reclaiming my red lips.

3 words for today.

So lately I said I will wear red lipstick everyday, just because. I will wear big earrings and high boots. I will even slip back into a miniskirt if the mood strikes me.

I put on makeup every day when I leave the house, even if just for a trip to the grocery store. Why? It makes me feel good. I am really into this whole new way of thinking. You know the way I am talking about, it’s where you actually do things because it makes you happy. I am actually in a place finally after 33 years on this earth of doing things because I LIKE THEM, and if others don’t like them, well that is just fine by me.

I am an individual and I am going to teach my kids to be themselves and march to their own drum too!

I am not waiting for New Years to make some resolution about a new me. I am just doing what feels good now! I am still just rocking out with my bad self.

So Dear Readers, get out your high boots, put on your red lipstick, and slip into those pants you haven’t thought of wearing for years. You don’t need a reason to look good. 😉

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