The little things that make us feel good

12 Jan

Yes, I am still juicing….

It has been 3 weeks since I bought my juicer and started juicing. The first week I juiced and ate food as well. The second week I juice fasted for 4 days. Then from the end of week 2 onto week 3 I am juicing and eating.

Every morning I make a mean green juice. Here is what I drink every morning

4 stalks of collard greens

3 or 4 small celery stalks

1 green apple

handful of spinach or romaine

1/2 lemon peeled

1 cucumber

It is amazing. No, it’s not gross. Let me tell you this. I don’t like juice fasting. I grew tired of doing only liquid the whole day. That being said I love juicing in combination with my regular eating, and yes I eat healthy. I eat very little dairy, and wheat/gluten products. I eat a ton of fruits and vegetables and only 1 cup of coffee a day.


Couldn’t find 3 better words than these for today

I was always tired, I mean really tired. I would have to nap in the afternoon everyday, not anymore.

I have always had dark under my eyes, that is pretty much gone too.

I have never felt rested in the morning, not anymore. I wake up feeling amazing everyday.

I can’t believe how obvious it is to me how depleted I was of those micro-nutrients that my body needed. My skin looks amazing and my body feels great.

I am really envious of all my friends who have time to go to the gym and workout. It is not an option for me right now. Our schedules don’t allow for that, and no I am not getting up at 5 to go to the gym. So I figured what can I do for myself? What little bit can I do to get healthy and feel better. I can eat right and replenish my body.

So in total it probably has taken me roughly 20 minutes a day to make myself feel better. It is not time consuming like everybody says it is. It is not hard to clean the machine. It is really very easy, and well worth it.

The benefits of juicing all the greens is worth every second.

On a side note, I have noticed one more really important benefit. I feel really happy and less anxious. I suffer from anxiety, and have for years. I have noticed that since I started juicing I am feeling really stable. In my research I have found that when people are getting all the micronutrients they need it is like a “natural prozac,” I totally agree.
I just wanted to write this to share my experience of getting healthy. It makes me feel better. I feel happy. It makes me feel more prepared to handle my life as mom, wife, and now farmer.

Here is a link to a great article on juicing from “Crazy Sexy Life” website. Cris Karr I love you!

Click here to read. “Crazy Sexy Life”

3 Responses to “The little things that make us feel good”

  1. wartica January 12, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

    Juicers are definitely amazing things; you can never go wrong with the various concoctions you can work up. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • rachyrachp January 12, 2012 at 7:12 pm #

      I have been so adventurous with my juice. I put all kinds of stuff in there. I have made some things that were so strong it was brutal, but I drank anyway.

  2. Toula January 13, 2012 at 7:00 am #

    Rachel, I hear you and totally get it. After I had my daughter Angela, my anxiety became worse and I suffered from severe post partum manic depression. I started juicing and eating healthy, started meditating, and doing a more consistent yoga practice. It has changed my life. But even when I can’t access anything else, it’s the food that heals me from the inside out on a cellular level. Keep inspiring!

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