Another Year Older

14 Jan

Happy Birthday……again

Tomorrow I will be another year older. Tomorrow I welcome the addition of another number.

I have never stressed about getting older, I welcome it. Of course there are a few things that I could do without(mainly wrinkles, grey hair, and sagging body parts), other than that, no complaints here.

My sister had written a blog on her birthday about all she planned to do in the coming year. So I will in true little sister fashion copy her and do my list too!

So here goes nothing.

3 words for today:


In this my 34th year on this earth I plan to do the following:

Be an amazing mom to Blaise and Maddock

Learn to grow an amazing vegetable garden

Learn how to milk my goats and make goat cheese(good enough to sell)

Have an amazing One Small Step Walk for PWS in August

Start taking amazing pictures with my camera on the manual setting

Continue writing my blog all the way through the 365 days


Be of service to people and Practice acts of kindness as often as possible

Have my car paid off(oh yeah this one will be fun)

Make amazing hand stamped jewelry that I can sell

Become totally organized (meal planning and all)

Learn how to build my own furniture, or re-finish antique furniture (always been a dream of mine)

Go back to school and work towards finishing my degree

So my list is long. I always shoot for the moon. I am really excited about the coming year. I feel that this year is going to be amazing for me and my family. I feel so positive lately and not so overwhelmed with life. I feel ready to take on the things that I desire in life.

So I say this to my self on my last day of being 33.

It has been nice, we sure had fun, but I am ready to go forward.

Hello 34 I hope you are ready for a crazy ride.

3 Responses to “Another Year Older”

  1. James Vincent Knowles January 14, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    Happy Birthday, Rachel~! May you have the all the support, nurturing & encouragement you need to achieve your goals~! (& enjoy the trip~!)

    • rachyrachp January 14, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

      Thanks James! I will enjoy the trip 100%

  2. Moxie Jane January 15, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Love your awesome list! Lots of great things!

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