Suzy Homemaker

22 Jan

I am a domestic goddess

I have always known that I was born to be a domestic goddess, minus all the housework, ha!

I have always admired my friends who had really neat and tidy houses, organized purses, and clean cars. I on the other hand was in quite the contrary to all those things.

I have a clean house, but it is often not neat and tidy. My purse looks like the black hole, my husband is scared to go inside of it. My car, oh dear, my car is just a hazardous zone.

I have vowed to change this all.

I am on a mission to go from being unorganized to organized.



3 words for today are.

Mission Organization Begin

So here is where I started.

I first took all of my finances and bills and got myself a cute little book to keep all my monthly stuff in. Ok, this part is barely done, but getting there.

I then got a whole bunch of really cheap, but cute baskets and went to work.

I organized my linen closets, pantry and oldest sons room. I separated all items and put them in corresponding baskets with handmade labels, I told you I am Suzy Homemaker.

I made myself a totally adorable homemade to do list with scrapbook paper, a picture frame and vinyl letters.

I did the same for a menu board to write down what we will eat each week.

I followed it all up with a recipe board. This one was interesting for me because I don’t use recipes, I am a (dump it in and see if it tastes good) cook. This may be my attempt at trying to have recipes to pass on to people.

I organized my sons room by toy type. I am trying to help him learn to be organized, have discipline, and basic self-help skills. Oh and I am sick of tripping on Legos all day long.

I have a new no shoes in the house policy and I sweep and mop my floors daily, if not more than once a day. We have farm animals now, need I say more.

The irony is this, although it did take a few extra minutes to set up all of this systems, it saves me time in the long run. I now have a place for everything, and everything in its place.

I gathered up a whole bunch of toys that aren’t being used and they are being donated to a homeless shelter for women and kids. I love that I can give back.

I am on this quest to be organized, and to love being organized. I don’t want it to be a chore. So I have found ways to make it fun, to make it my own. I am really enjoying doing this for myself. I love knowing that in a short time from now the sentence, “I can’t find it” will be non existent in my house. Everybody will know what is theirs and where it goes. I know that this is important for all people, but I think especially mine.

I know that by having things organized and calm in my home I am creating even more stability for Blaise. Routine and a stable calm environment are what keeps Blaise in the same stable and calm space.

So this is a challenge for me. I will add little tid bits of my organizing journey every week.

Coupled with my new love of being organized is my old love of cooking. I have been on my cooking kick again. This time I am on a mission to create as many Vegan/Vegetarian/Raw/Low Carb/Low Fat/High protein (not all in one) ideas and dishes as I can.

Yesterday I made homemade almond butter. I took almonds, a pinch of salt and some cinnamon blend in food processor and yummy is what follows.

Tonight for dessert I hade a slice of gluten free toast with homemade almond butter, fresh strawberries and I drizzled honey on top. Oh my it was delightful. I would say way better than any slice of cake. Oh the added benefit of no dairy, wheat or gluten, yippee!

So I will try and add as many creative recipes as I can for all my readers and organization tips along the way.

I think I like this new me. I am feeling rather crafty lately. Who knows where this will take me?

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