All My Parts

21 Feb

I am always on a crazy mission to find out who am.

I am always trying to figure out what identifies me.

Tonight was the usual bedtime routine. It involves me spending hours lying by my youngest child’s side until he falls asleep. I sat there in a very quiet and reflective state tonight.

The visions entered my mind one by one. All the pictures of what I think I am, who others think I am, and what I desire to be.

I realized immediately that it is all of these things that make up Rachel.

These are

I am Rachel the Mother Warrior

I am Rachel the amazing baker and cook

I am Rachel the wife, daughter, sister and friend

I am Rachel the aspiring writer, photographer and jewelry maker

I am Rachel the soon-to-be Yoga teacher

I am Rachel the risk taker

I am Rachel the courageous and wholehearted lover of life

I am Rachel the vulnerable, compassionate, and connected human being

It is not as if I woke up one morning and ‘poof’ I was a changed woman. I am working hard at all these changes. I am in a constant practice for my life.

I am aware of all that goes on in my mind and mindful of all that comes out of my mouth. I am willing to see my imperfections and move forward from there.

I made some monumental declarations in Mexico. I declared that I would not continue to live my life in a way that didn’t serve me.

Many of the parts of Me on that list are fact. The rest is me thanking the Universe in advance for how I see myself in the future.

There parts of me that no longer exist. Parts that were a crucial part in the evolution of ME. I chose not to write about them because I have put them in a box and said my thank you and goodbye to them. I am grateful that those parts of me existed but they no longer serve me.

So that I never forget to be courageous I wrote it permanently on my body. Here is my latest piece of body art.

3 Responses to “All My Parts”

  1. modelskinny February 21, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    “Richard Branson claimed to be a music tycoon about 10 years before he actually became one.” YOU can be and ARE whatever you decide you’re going to be! All the best Rachel! Xo, ❤

  2. Sara February 21, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Thank you Rachel!!! Exactly what I needed to be reminded of today 🙂 and love the new tattoo! many blessings & much LOVE for your journey. Nice to know there’s a whole crew of us rising up to meet our full potential…


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