Lamps with No Shades

11 Mar

Come inside my house and you will see things like this…

A light with no lamp shade that isn’t plugged in. Things like this are common-place in my house, I don’t even find it odd anymore.

Writing on the wall, broken doorknobs, clothes on the floor, and numerous items thrown into the toilet. These are just some of the things that you might find at my house on any given day.

There are very few things that my children don’t destroy in my house. I do not have valuable items around. We don’t have pretty decorations on tables or walls, we don’t have picture frames on tables, and we don’t have candles anywhere.

My children broke everything I brought into the house, after years of this I finally gave up. I decided that I would have a home bare of the all the “extras” until my kids were older and could understand consequences.

I do discipline Blaise when he destroys something intentionally, but there are many times when it is purely the nature of the PWS/Autism beast. There are times when he just can’t control it, and so I have to decide when to discipline and when to just let it go.

Earlier this evening I was just finishing up putting clean sheets on the boys beds. I looked around their room and the disarray that was in front of me. I could go in their one hundred times a day and it wouldn’t matter, it will continue to look the way it does by the end of the day.

I walked out into the living room and spotted my lonely lamp. There were two matching lamps just a short time ago. Then one pint size bundle of joy tossed one on the ground, and then there was one. Oh then the same pint-sized tornado ripped the lampshade of the last lonely lamp. I have left that lamp in my living room since the incident. I have no idea why, ha. It is not plugged in and just looks so pitiful, but yet I leave it there anyway.

I suspect that this situation is rather common in a house with a child or children with special needs. There are the issues you have if your child has a severe cognitive disability, and the issues that can happen when your child has sensory issues and can’t feel their body the way they should, they end up walking into walls and breaking things unintentionally. It is never-ending.

In the beginning when I started realizing that I couldn’t have the house I wanted I felt a bit depressed. I am quite different now.

I have transcended that feeling of “not enough-ness” into complete and utter acceptance.

I accept that this is my life, will it always be like this, NO, but it is now.

I have learned to love my lonely shade-less lamp, and my walls that bear the letter B all over them. I love the mixed up toys, and books with bent and chewed on pages.

I scroll the pages of Pinterest and view all the astonishingly beautiful homes that are decorated to perfection. The kids room with hand painted furniture and custom-made paintings on the wall. The kitchens that have beautiful cabinets and fabulous china. The master bedroom with exquisite furniture and silk bedspreads. I marvel at all those beautiful spaces and dream that one day I can have just one of them.

In the meantime I am happy and complete with my mix-matched and not so organized house. I am happy with the chaos that my children bring to my life. I know that they are growing and learning and these issues will only be temporary.

I really liked this article I found tonight online. It is exactly what I have dealt with for the last 5 years!


Great article I read tonight on the theme of tonights blog.

Child-Proofing a Special Needs Home

2 Responses to “Lamps with No Shades”

  1. barbarapotter March 11, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

    Love is what decorates your house.

    • rachyrachp March 11, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

      That is beautiful says the mom who is best decorator I know!!!!

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