Forgive my absence

8 May

I am in the thick of it my friends and that is all I can say. I have struggled to write and inspire much over the past week. Much ado around here. So a great friend reminded me that you don’t always have to be original. You can relate something powerful you read and that can be just as moving and just as inspirational.

So here goes, this was my letter from the Universe today. It is so true for me, how about you???

Very often, Rachel, when tides start turning, great gears start shifting, and gusting winds start blowing at the onset of a really wonderful dream’s alignment with your present life, there is commotion, unpredictability, even turmoil. So, hey, let’s always assume that’s the case whenever you experience commotion, unpredictability, even turmoil. K?

The Universe

One Response to “Forgive my absence”

  1. Chris Margocs May 8, 2012 at 10:47 pm #

    I love getting my Notes from the Universe as well! They always seem to touch on just what’s needed at the right time. I hope you persevere and push through this tough time to experience the great things on the other side. Been there, done that myself a few times….

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