Pack o’ Weirdos

3 Jul

I am graciously accepting my invitation into the lovely pack of weirdos.

Who are we?

We are those that believe love can heal anything.

Thanks JoEllen for reminding me of this.

I am here to wave my weirdo flag and raise it high. I too believe in a conscious way of living. I believe in a world where people are kind and honest with each other.

I believe in loving your children, looking at them in the eyes when you speak to them, and laughing with them lots and lots throughout the day. I believe in standing by your family, and loving your parents no matter how “imperfect” you think they may be.

Remember we all are “perfectly imperfect!”

I love my parents. Now that I am a mother myself, I respect my mother so much more for all the sacrifices and love she gave to me and my sister. I believe if you have a sister, and you are lucky like me, then she shall be your best friend forever.

I believe in friends that don’t quit on you when times get tough, and I believe in not quitting on yourself either.

I say this as a reminder I am 162 days smoke free. Yes, 162 of committing to living the best life ever.

I just wanted to remind all of you on this Tuesday morning to remember to love. Love yourself, love your family, and then take it out into the world.

I have a practice I do every single place I go. Whenever somebody is helping me in a store,hospital, etc..I always ask their name, say hello and ask how they are? ALWAYS. This is a rule of thumb for me. I want to make connections everywhere.

So go out in the world today and make a connection, make it authentically, and make it with integrity.


One Response to “Pack o’ Weirdos”

  1. barbarapotter July 3, 2012 at 8:56 am #

    Love that. I am part of that group too. So excited we will be together in Ojai in Octorber. Yay!!!

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