All Grown Up

22 Aug


Sara Blakely 2012 Shankbone

Sara Blakely 2012 Shankbone (Photo credit: david_shankbone)



Did you ever think that you would be married to a skateboarder with two kids and living in Georgia? I did imagine all those things, except for living in Georgia. Yes I always knew my life would look relatively close to what it does.


I always knew that I would have tattoos. I also knew that I would most likely marry somebody who also had prominent ink. I always had a thing for skateboarders, so no real stretch there. I always knew that I would marry somebody that was a bit like me, somebody who lived more on the edge, than on the fence. I always knew that I would have children who would possess a great amount of spunk. I always knew that I would not always fit in with “typical” suburbia. I love suburbia, but at times I am all too aware that I am a round peg in a square hole.



I recalled the story last night about when I met the owner of Spanx®, Sara Blakely. I was recounting how amazingly down to earth she was. I spoke about how friendly and warm and approachable she was, oh and she just happens to be a BILLIONAIRE. That statement really got me thinking. Does money really changes people?  Of course money can change you slightly, but I don’t believe it can intrinsically  change who you are on the inside. I truly believe that if I was suddenly rich that I would still be me, the same me that I am now. I can’t imagine being altered to such a degree that my true self  is not recognizable. I believe that the people who become successful and distance themselves from the common folk, or believe themselves to be somehow inherently better, were always like that inside, or at least partly like that deep down.


Two years ago we lived in a big house, had beautiful things, and lived a pretty good life. Last year we lost our home, moved into a very modest house to rent, and gave up many of our ‘things.’ That all being said I am still the same person I was when I had the big house. I didn’t change because of the square footage of my house. I haven’t changed because of the quantity, or lack of quantity of ‘things‘ in my life.



Having these type of dialogues have become frequent for me lately. I am always striving to be more self-aware, more conscious of who I am in the world. I always hope that I can show people by my actions that it is always a safe bet just to be yourself.





2 Responses to “All Grown Up”

  1. barbarapotter August 22, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    You make me proud. You will always be the magnificent person that you are. Nothing can change that.


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