Eat, Sleep & De-stress

1 Sep

Eat, sleep and de-stress. Yes, sure I will have some of that please.

Day 2 of adrenal recovery began just like any other. I am like George Washington, I can not tell a lie.

Morning on day 2 was totally lame. I was tired, I wanted caffeine, I was pretty hungry. I pushed past it and ignored the coffee and tea items in my house. Instead I made my protein shake. Super easy recipe. Put it all in the blender and go.


2 scoops of Whey protein powder (I use vanilla flavor)

unsweetened almond milk(as much as you want to get your desired thickness)

1 tbsp of good quality almond butter

2 heaping tablespoons of chia seeds

Ice (roughly a handful)

I felt better after I had my protein shake. I still struggled with a general feeling of tiredness and a slight caffeine withdrawal headache. Other than that we are off to a good start.

As far as my food intake was concerned it was a lovely day. Green salad for lunch with a small amount of grilled chicken, fruit, sesame seeds and light balsamic dressing. Snacks were plain humus on a spoon, 2 slices of a fresh mango, and sunflower seeds. Dinner was brown rice, steamed veggies and shrimp with a drop of curry on top.

No added sugar at all today. Still no gluten for 2 months and as of 3 days ago no dairy either. No added sugar at all in any of my foods and no packaged foods of any kind. I actually feel really good. I managed to keep my stress down for the most part, and am feeling really positive that I am on the path to healing.

This is my very public experience and I hope that my journey helps to inspire all of you to wellness through good eating, lots of quality sleep and a life with less stress.


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