The Nitty Gritty

3 Sep

Day 4 of my adrenal recovery is about to come to a close, and I am already feeling better. I know that it has only been a few days, but my body is responding well to the small shifts I have made.

I have no withdrawal from gluten, I have been off that for months now. I have no withdrawal from dairy, don’t know how that happened since I could live off of cheese for every meal of my day. I have had a bit of withdrawal from caffeine. I had given up coffee for quite some time, but still drank tea. I recently started drinking coffee again and hadn’t realized just how much it was kick starting me in the morning. I really struggled this morning to get myself going.

I believe that some of my cleansing has had an effect on my gall stones. I had a major attack today and my breakfast didn’t last too long in my stomach. A gallstone attack can leave you vomiting and doubled over in pain. I can get rid of them naturally and have opted not to have them removed surgically.

I am eating a ton of protein, so many vegetables, a good amount of fruit, but not too much. I am eating lots of beautiful complex carbohydrates and drinking water. I also am partaking in any and every opportunity to sleep. Today I had the afternoon off, it was just my oldest son and I. We had been up since very early this morning and had lots of running around that we accomplished. The afternoon was all ours, so we napped for 2 HOURS. It was lovely and I felt so much better afterwards. I am in bed every night before 11am,and I wake every day at the same time. I eat breakfast within an hour of waking, and it always includes a protein, good fats, and small amount of carbs and NO COFFEE OR TEA AT ALL.

It may sound fairly restrictive, but it really isn’t. We eat delicious meals everyday and never feel that we are missing out.

Here is my new favorite dessert.

Mango Yogurt Treat

1/4 cup good quality low fat plain greek yogurt

1 mango cut up into bite size pieces



add the mango to the yogurt, drizzle with a small amount of honey and then sprinkle with cinnamon. Yummy and nutritious.

I have been struggling with one aspect of the ‘whole food, clean eating’ lifestyle I have now. I do not live near a Whole Foods or Trader Joes. The Farmers Market is an hour away with traffic. The local grocery stores do carry some organic fruits and vegetables, but they are very expensive. A year ago this wouldn’t even be a conversation. I definitely bought any thing I needed for my family at the grocery store, but times have changed. I can no longer afford to pay $6 for a teeny tiny container of blueberries, it’s just not a reality for our family in these times. We eat a ton of fruits and vegetables. I wash them as well as I can, but buying all organic is not in our means now. It does really wear on me, I want to provide all organics for my kids. I get really frustrated that in our country we make the healthy food out of reach for those who are struggling financially.

My children eat 3 square meals a day made from home. We don’t own a microwave and when we want to eat I prepare each meal from scratch. I have had to make the sacrifice that if I want my kids to continue to eat all the fruits and vegetables that they currently do then we just have to do the non organics now. I so strongly believe in all the micro nutrients that my kids get every day from eating a diet high in fresh fruits and veggies.

I know at some point in time I can change this, but I am grateful for the ability to feed my family.

I read this MindBodyGreen gratitude poster this morning. It spoke volumes to me and how I was feeling about being a good parent and providing a healthy life for my children. I realized quickly how lucky I am to provide for them at all.

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