Love Me Forever

27 Sep

Will you love me forever?

Will you always be my friend?

Will you release judgement of others and stay true to yourself?

Will you always be my best friend and my brother?

These are the thoughts I had today as I watched my boys play together in the back seat of the car. I thought if Blaise could communicate how he was feeling it would sound like that, or at least that is how I imagine it to be. As I watch my angels play together and love each other I pray that it will always be this way.

In my private secret moments I worry about the future of their bond. I worry about what happens when my youngest angel grows up and is barraged with the voices of others. What happens when others aren’t as accepting and open to his beloved brother. Will he have the strength to stand tall? Will he have the strength to push past the negative chatter and believe in his brother as he does now? My heart aches when I think about it, I feel a burning sensation in my soul.

When my children grow into adults will they still laugh and play as they did today? Will they look into each others eyes with love and concern? Will they walk to the ends of the earth for each other? Will they LOVE EACH OTHER FOREVER?

For many of you reading this blog the concept I am presenting may seem foolish or silly. Of course they will love each other, they are brothers. It is actually not foolish at all. We live in a harsh world. We live in a world where our youth are bombarded with the idea that they have to “fit” in to be accepted. They have to look right, act right, and “BE” right. So as my beloved ‘special’ child grows up I worry about the day that my baby may be on the opposite end of hate. I worry about my littlest angel wanting to be accepted and fit in and feeling resentment for being the sibling of a ‘special child’. You may think I am harsh for writing this but it is an unfortunate reality.

So I sit and bathe in these extraordinary moments of love between the two beautiful creatures I call my sons. I send them all my love and hope that it envelopes them and wraps them in pure goodness. I pray that this will all be enough to keep them together forever. I imagine that when my ‘special’ angel asks his brother, “Will You Love Me Forever?” baby brother angel replies, “Till the end of time!”

namaste and happy loving!

5 Responses to “Love Me Forever”

  1. Dottie Wagner September 27, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    So beautiful and not harsh questions at all, just realistic. It is not a given that siblings will love and protect each other always. I think the surest guarantee lies in the examples you and your husband set for them, and other messages that you impart to them. I have read enough of your blog entries to believe that you will do an amazing job of guiding them to that unconditional love of each other.

  2. yogareformer September 27, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

    Beautifully authentic, as always. The concern is valid, unfortunately. The work we do as yogi parents(whether we practice asana or not) becomes so much more valuable in these sorts of relationships. Sending you love and courage from ITP.

  3. barbarapotter September 27, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    Just beautiful and I feel the same way but could never express it like you do

  4. ger March 17, 2013 at 5:28 am #

    I cried reading your message. Itis very touching because I havtwo boys that do not get along and it tears me up inside to see it.thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts.


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