Is it Right?

11 Oct

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When I went with my sister and saw Wayne Dyer speak in Atlanta is was magical. Wow, is really all that I can say. The energy in that room was electrifying. Dr. Dyer spoke about the book he had just released entitled ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ and he spoke about many of the main points of his message in the book. The following point really stuck with me.

It must feel natural to you. You have to be able to say to yourself ” Even if I don’t know how to do it, even if I have no experience, even if everyone has told me I can’t do it, my wish fulfilled feels natural to me!”

Last night as I drove to work and waited, nobody came. It was the first time in a month that I didn’t have at least one student. It does make you feel a bit defeated. As I drove home I began to feel a flurry of emotions. Things that caused me to really dig deep within myself to find the answers.

Does this feel natural to me? Is this right for me? Am I a fraud, a phony? 

Am I really meant to be a yoga teacher, a leader, a connector?

So how do you know when it’s right? Is there a magic formula for equating the “rightness” of something?

I suspect not but I do know a few things:

1. Is an old conversation you have about yourself  preventing you from feeling comfortable in your life? If so, what would happen if you took away that conversation and replaced it with one that serves you better?

2. Are you living your dream and not the dream that others have decided for you? If you are living your dream then give yourself some time and you will slip into your skin soon enough.

3. Fake it till you make it. If you love what you do but still feel a bit unsure of yourself then ‘Fake it till you make it.’ Wing it as they say. Eventually all the pieces will fall into place.

I thought about all the above things in relation to my situation. Here is what I cam up with.

I realized quickly that my ‘old and bothersome’ old conversations about myself are butting in and interfering with my ‘rightness’.

Old conversations like, “I am not good at this. I haven’t been doing yoga long enough. People are going to find out I am a fraud. I don’t know what I am doing. I am not as good as others, blah..blah…blah…”

I am not special we all do this, some to a deeper degree than others. 

Wanting to be at point Z before barely leaving point A. Yet another behavior that many of fall into. It’s a trap. Of course it doesn’t feel completely ‘right’ yet. I am barely beginning. I am a rookie. It is like a pair of leather pants that are brand new and never worn, it is going to take some time for them to fit all my curves and melt into my body just the way I want them to. It is going to take time for me to find my voice, to find my way of teaching, leading, and connecting.

I am a lover of yoga. I am a writer. I am a connector and sometimes I feel not quite right in my own shoes. 

Can you relate?

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.  Watch your words, for they become actions.  Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” – Unknown

8 Responses to “Is it Right?”

  1. Diane Seely October 11, 2012 at 9:23 am #

    Thanks for posting this today. Where to begin….here is what really struck me in your post: “Does this feel natural to me? Is this right for me? Am I a fraud, a phony?”
    The thoughts of being something that I am not, the thought of working so hard for something that may never happen…the thought of being a Phony…wreaks havoc on my heart.
    I want it, I want it, I want it…Yet, it does not feel natural to me…Getting up and speaking to a room crowded with people that have never heard of PWS, well…is frightening. But it is my passion, to take every opportunity to tell if just one more person about PWS and what it has done to our family. The Good, Bad and Ugly. Yes, I am beginning to get better and better at it each time I do it. I am not a great speaker, but I have great passion. I want to change the face of PWS for the next generation.
    When folks look at my son, they see a handsome young boy…they can’t see his struggles, his pain, his triumphs. He has to work so hard at every. thing. I know that you get what I am saying because, you are a mother of a child with PWS. But, I am wondering if I can convey that to others…in a 3 minute speech.

    “Fake it till you make it. If you love what you do but still feel a bit unsure of yourself then ‘Fake it till you make it.’ Wing it as they say. Eventually all the pieces will fall into place.”
    Do I know anything about building a community, a place for my son to live and thrive? Sometimes ,I cannot bring myself to say it: “Our mission is to build a residential community”….does this imply somehow that I am throwing in the towel? That I am giving up hope that he will live a “typical” life?
    What I know is this: I love what I am doing, but I am scared as hell. I will pray for the pieces to fall into place. Thank you Rachel for helping me write this, for helping make sense of what I am feeling, and for giving me the courage to keep going.
    Even when no one else shows up, be there anyway…Just in case one person walks through the door…

    • rachyrachp October 11, 2012 at 9:32 am #

      Thank you for your heartfelt response. You are courageous and inspire so many of us everyday. Thank you for helping me in my mission to never give up either.

  2. barbarapotter October 11, 2012 at 10:00 am #

    Wow, perfect for me too this morning. I woke up knowing that I will be setting up my first workshop at Renay Compere’s studio Pop Physique in Santa Monica ( Renay also a mom of a child with PWS), next month, to start teaching parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists and anyone else that is interested, how to apply calming deep pressures to a child (or adult) in their lives who has Sensory Integration Disorders, Autism, PWS and ADHD. How to help them feel relaxed in the midst of facing a breakdown, or severe anxiety of another , and be able to calmly work on someone else. To change their energy to be able to help another. I will also set one up in your studio in McDonough as well. I feel exactly as you do, as I know that all of this comes natural to me, but now I will be showing others how to do this. Wow. To share with others what I know and feel inside. To teach the power of touch. I know I can do this but all of your words come into play here. Exactly what I have been feeling.

  3. Mindi Sigmon October 11, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    Thank you Rachel and Diane. Both of your posts are very timely for me. Rachel I met you at your yoga studio when Jennifer led her workshop. I will be starting my teacher training next weekend. I have been practicing yoga for just 2 years. I have been an athlete all of my life and added yoga when life threw us some mighty twists and turns. It was my yoga instructor who advised that I take the teacher training. I took a month or two to think about it and decided to jump in, My problem is that our instructor is so awesome I just don’t
    know how I can create the same level of excellence that she does. I worry that I will not know how to put together classes that will be satisfying to others to keep them coming back. I wonder if I will be able to remember all that I need to express during the class etc, etc. The self doubt can become all consuming and I wonder if I should just go to the first two trainings that I have already paid for and stop there. Who am I to think that I can do this? Ugh. I have been stuck in this horrible negative mindset when I really wish to be confident and upbeat knowing without a doubt that I can be successful at anything I choose to do.

    Thank you both for your words of inspiration.

    Mindi Sigmon

    • rachyrachp October 11, 2012 at 11:05 am #

      I love it how un-special we all are, right! I think sometimes there is safety in numbers. So it is awesome to know that we are not alone, and equally awesome to know that we are hear to push each other to step up and out of our comfort zone. You will be amazing. I will be here to cheer you on!


  4. Janet McQuarrie (@diabetessoul) October 11, 2012 at 1:34 pm #

    Yoga keeps calling me! (And the angels are definitely nudging me in that direction!) If I lived near you, I would definitely come to your class! The hardest time to have faith is when you’re standing on the ledge known as fear/wavering faith and the chasm to the other side where the dream is fulfilled seems so far away. Maybe you can’t jump by yourself to the other side. That’s where people who know and love you build the bridge to other side with encouragement and faith in you. I don’t know you. But I believe you definitely can do it. If God entrusted you with being a mom of a child with special needs, He has great faith in you, too. Blessings to you!!

  5. Eliana Crema October 22, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Rachel, you are an authentic, strong, corageous, and inspiring woman. Your heart is in what you do, so keep doing it. And if you ever need a reminder of just how kick@$$ you are, holla at me. We’re “tribe-mates” now. 😛


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