19 Mar

A must read. Another amazing and truthful gut wrenching essay from my sister.

The Manifest-Station

You know how when you ignore something it just goes away? Like your hearing loss or grief or your toothache or the fact that you hate your job so much you want to pull all your hair out?

Oh, right. It doesn’t go away. It crawls into your ear and gets louder and you get more deaf and your tooth rots and the grief settles in and stays. And the job? You wake up and that summer job has turned into the 13 year job at the same restaurant. That’s what happens.

I had a root canal once when I was in my early twenties. I never put a crown on the tooth. It started to give me trouble after a couple of years. I ignored the toothache until eventually one day the tooth broke as I was brushing my teeth. I hit the toothbrush against my tooth and the…

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