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Experiencing the Wonder of the Everyday « Positively Positive

16 Nov

Mommy, don’t worry so much about me. My world is perfect, and I really am very happy. I don’t see test scores or therapy evaluations; they don’t exist in my world. I am happy where I am. I love the reflection I see when I brush my teeth and see myself in the mirror. I love the sound of my laugh. I love my brother, even when he gets mad at me. I love school so much. Please don’t worry so much about me being “the same” as the other kids my age. I like who I am. I know what love is mommy. I know you want me to do more than just puzzles on my iPad or playing with my school bus, but those things make me happy. In my world, I don’t need to have perfect hand strength or handwriting. In my world, I truly am happy when I dance to a YouTube video. I really do find happiness in the simple things.

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What it Takes!

26 Jun


1. a deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment
2. something causing such a feeling; a source of happiness
3. an outward show of pleasure or delight; rejoicing
What exactly has to happen to live a life full of joy?
I know with certainty that I was like most of the world, I waited for JOY to happen TO ME. I always believed that if I had no money problems, more childcare, better clothes, perfect skin, a flat stomach, was 6 inches taller, and so on that my life would be filled with joy. Never realizing that joy comes from the inside not the outside.
I will never be taller, except in heels, and I could win the lottery, but that won’t change a thing. As I sat in meditation this morning I felt it like a lightning bolt. I am joyful. I am so FULL  of joy. Even my bad days I don’t feel sad. I still have hard days, my life is challenging and that is not likely to change anytime soon, but I am so joyful.
I woke up this morning one and a half hour late, and I wasn’t even stressed. I got myself and the boys together and headed out of the house. I was full of life, energy, and enthusiasm to handle the day. I got to the yoga studio early, what a lovely thing, and meditated. I had an amazing class and then headed home. I could feel light radiating from my body. In the last week 3 people have told me that I look lighter.
As I get cut off in traffic I just say it’s ok. When somebody is rude to me, I just take in stride and move on. I don’t remember the last time I yelled at my children, had a fight with my husband, or had a massive panic attack. I am moving at a slower pace but, making so much more progress. I am feeling complete at the end of the day when I lay my head down. I am sleeping so well, even when my kids are up all night, I don’t feel that anger anymore or the stress. I just take it all as it comes.
So when I dedicated my practice today I dedicated it to joy. As I set my intention of what I was letting go it was the following:
I am letting go of sadness, anxiety, fear, and self doubt. I am welcoming joy and abundance into my life.
So that is where I stand today. I don’t live some perfect fairy tale life, and that is totally fine by me. I live my unique life, with my unique family, and we are exactly where we should be.
It feels rather amazing to know that your days are filled with more joy rather than sadness and stress.
It is a shift in the mind. A shift in the soul. A conscious decision to make a change in your own world, and then take it further.
What does joy look like for you?
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