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What to Learn from a 6 Year Old Who Has Autism « Positively Positive

28 Mar

Choosing something different. Choosing to shift, be different, move on, move forward, or live something new.

You don’t need to ask permission or wait for the okay. You just need to say the words. I’m all done now. I choose something different.

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Experiencing the Wonder of the Everyday « Positively Positive

16 Nov

Mommy, don’t worry so much about me. My world is perfect, and I really am very happy. I don’t see test scores or therapy evaluations; they don’t exist in my world. I am happy where I am. I love the reflection I see when I brush my teeth and see myself in the mirror. I love the sound of my laugh. I love my brother, even when he gets mad at me. I love school so much. Please don’t worry so much about me being “the same” as the other kids my age. I like who I am. I know what love is mommy. I know you want me to do more than just puzzles on my iPad or playing with my school bus, but those things make me happy. In my world, I don’t need to have perfect hand strength or handwriting. In my world, I truly am happy when I dance to a YouTube video. I really do find happiness in the simple things.

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The Extraordinary Patience of Things « Positively Positive

29 Sep


Amazing. Today’s must read.


The Patience of your Voice

Sometimes, it takes years to find, until one day you do, and on that day, you walk into a room knowing fully who you are in the world. The voice that has so patiently waited for you fills you with your personality, your you-ness. You may not feel it rejoice, but it does. It has waited silently in a corner for you that long without making a peep. It throws a little party in your soul, and although you may think it is just excitement or too much coffee, it is your voice, moving in finally. For good.

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Hunting for Unicorns « Positively Positive

15 Sep

I would look back at them and say: How fantastic! Look what I wrote when I was a kid. Look how thoughtful I was. Or, look how much pain I was in. Whatever I had written, I would look back upon it with awe and fascination and would use it as science and fact. It would help me uncover the mystery of why I was the way I was, and it would give me material for my book. But I threw those parts of my life away. The “dumb parts.”

How may dumb parts of my life have I thrown away altogether? How many have you? What could I have said that I thought was so dumb?

When my father died, I refused to cry. Maybe I wrote that I felt sad, and then regretted it so I ripped it out? Being vulnerable was never easy for me. I thought it was dumb to show how I felt. That it meant I was weak.

I will hunt for my old pages. I will search for those words.

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