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Totally Worn Out

31 Aug
The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys.

The adrenal glands sit atop the kidneys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turns out they found absolutely nothing in the last round of medical tests I had done. Great, and not so great at the same time. Yes, I am thrilled to find out that I am really healthy, not so great that we are back to square one trying to figure out what has caused my body to go a bit haywire. Other than low blood sugar I am totally in the clear. There is however one little test left. This one makes complete sense and probably a ton of you reading this have this and don’t even know it.

Adrenal Fatigue, oh yeah baby. My doctor thinks that it is possible I may have TOTALLY WORN OUT my poor little adrenal glands. Good news is this is not permanent, in fact you can have this happen over and over. It is fixable and that makes me happy.

Interestingly enough when I had researched my strange symptoms years ago it kept saying adrenal fatigue, I just shrugged it off. Although I don’t have an official diagnosis yet I am going to begin an adrenal recovery program and see if I can heal myself. I know this is completely possible.

So how do you get adrenal fatigue? Well that is easy.


What are some of the symptoms?

All the time I am tired. Not just a little sleepy, it is more like so tired not even 12 hours of sleep cures your fatigue. I am not handling stress at all. I seem to get thrown off kilter with the slightest glitch. I have major digestive issues. I gained weight, and it is mostly all in the middle. I crave extremely salty food every single day. Everyday tasks seem to take the wind out of my sails, where as before I could handle anything that came my way. This is just to name a few of the odd things that I deal with daily.

We all face some type of stress in our lives. We have busy schedules, sick kids, work troubles, illness, and on and on. For some of us we have stress only on occasion and we are able to cope with the bumps in the road with ease. For others stress is chronic, that would be me, and you can bet your bottom stress like that will wreak havoc on your body.

I do as much as I can to stay calm and grounded but not all days are perfect. In fact sometimes I have an entire month of stress and I am a nervous wreck everyday. Being mom to one child with Prader Willi Syndrome and Autism and another child with ADHD and mood issues, I am on high alert from the moment I open my eyes. As the owner of a small business in this economy you do all you can not to pull you hair out. I like to fake it till I make it. I tell myself that we will make it, and funny thing is we have this far, I guess somebody is hearing my thoughts in the universe.

You can see why I love yoga so much. When I am in the studio and I take that first breath, ahhhhhh, I leave it all at the door. It is my time, my space to breathe. When I am in the studio all the stress of my life just melts away. I opened my studio on Wednesday. It was a small first class 4 people came, but an awesome time. I went in on Thursday morning with 2 classes on the schedule, not too surprised the nobody came, it takes time to start a business. I opted to go in my studio and enjoy my personal practice. It was amazing. A mix of meditative and restorative asana, with some energy building inversions and core work. I paid close attention to voicing my gratitude to the universe every time I brought my hands to my heart.

I am grateful for my strength. I am grateful for my courage. I am grateful for those who help guide me and hold me up in life. I am grateful for the breathe that fills my lungs. I am grateful for the ability to put my legs on the ground and get up and walk everyday. It is is truly amazing how a ‘attitude of gratitude’ takes the stress away, even if just for a moment. I will take as many moments of calm, quiet strength that I can.

My yoga practice is just one part of my adrenal recovery. Keeping my stress low is crucial to healing, without it all the other steps are in vain.

Along with a gentle exercise program, such as yoga, there is adequate sleep. Sleep is critical to the body to restore and replenish itself. Having a sleep schedule where you go to bed and rise at around the same time everyday will help restore balance in your body. This leaves us with another important area of recovery, FOOD.

We are capable of regulating what goes into our mouths. When in adrenal recovery we need to drastically reduce carbohydrates from our diet, mainly simple carbohydrates. It is still important to include complex carbs in our daily intake. Increasing protein and not limiting healthy fats is crucial to helping your body come back to life. We can’t forget about hydration. It is critical to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, I will do more. Last but not least you must eliminate ALL CAFFEINE from your diet.

So basically life is about to get really fun for me. I will write everyday and let you all know how things are going. I will fill you in on what is relieving my symptoms and any new recipes that I create I will share.

Wish me luck. I hope that I can help lead the way for any of you out there who are in the same boat as I am.


9 Jun

Saturday is Karate day at our house. Blaise get’s all suited up and off we go for a half an hour of watching him kick butt. today was something very special. Blaise was on fire, he performed like a champ.

He never ceases to surprise me with what he is able to do. He was following directions, jumping, running, laughing, and full of pride. Oh my god, my heart was overflowing. I felt so much joy for him. He felt pride for himself, and that is all I want for him. I want both my children to be proud of themselves. I am leading by example because that is how I feel about myself now, PROUD!

The luck really comes into play in a rather simple way. I am lucky to be the parent of a special needs child.. I am lucky to reveal in all the little miracles that happen everyday. I am lucky is what came to me as I listened to the wind today.

I spent the rest of the afternoon just sitting with my family. I watched as my children rode their bikes, swam in the in the little pool and enjoyed the sunshine. We laughed and just enjoyed the company. It was what I call a perfect day. I take these days very seriously. Life can be way to serious around here most of the time. Today was all about relaxing and enjoying the present moment.

I was well aware that my meditation this morning helped my mood, and I loved every minute of it. I think sometimes we are so caught up in the media world, the medical world, or the stressed out parent world to stop and enjoy the moment.

Today I did. It was AWESOME.

Everyday Like Today

28 May

I wish everyday was like today, period!!!

It was a perfect day. I got to spend the entire day outside with my kids and watch them swim in the mini pool. I watched my husband cook on the grill (yay for me no cooking at all), I had some wonderful conversations with my in-laws and I got to enjoy a beautiful glass of Pinot noir. Dare I ask what more could there be? Well okay, if my sister and mom and dad were here it would have been the most PERFECT of days, close enough though.

My in-laws bought a mini pool, it is big enough for me to swim in, the water is about 3 feet deep. I found myself just floating and staring up at the sky. I watched the most beautiful clouds swirl above my head, and I was so relaxed. I thought, “why can’t everyday be like today?” So much peace, no fighting, everybody doing their own thing but feeling very connected, and so much life all around us. I floated in the pool like that for quite some time, listening to the silence, or how all the sounds seem so much slower and quieter. I felt my body as it appeared to weigh almost nothing, all the heaviness just drifted away. I wasn’t worried about how I looked in my bathing suit, or did I remember to pay this bill, or do that thing, all I thought about was just drifting slowly and enjoying the moment as I relished the quiet outside and inside.

It was wonderful eating a great meal and watching my kids play and play and laugh all day long. I felt no pressure or stress. My entire family felt very relaxed and at ease. This is why I wish everyday was like today.

I spoke to my sister on the phone today and I told her that I finally cemented in my mind what SUCCESS is to me. To me success is peace. Of course there is a small idea of money in there, but it really is only to the point; where there is no stress to pay a bill or provide for my children. I truly define success as peacefulness in my life. Freedom from constant arguing, complaining, worrying about money, and let’s not forget the forever screaming. Success to me means having a job that I truly love and working is a “get to” not a “have to.” I will be successful when I get paid to do what I love and my family is functioning harmoniously. This is the definition I have finally come to claim in my mind.

Today felt very much like what I see in my head. Everybody was calm, happy, living in the present moment and enjoying all the blessings that life has bestowed upon us.

I feel extremely grateful to be alive today. I am still on an incredible journey of self-awareness and learning to live my best life, and I am so enjoying every moment of it.

Maria Lin: 6 Things You Don’t Know About a Special Needs Parent

10 Mar

Yesterday as I scrolled through Facebook I came across an article posted by numerous friends.

The title struck me, “6 Things You Don’t Know about a Special Needs Parent.”

I must read this I am a Special Needs Parent. I opened the article up immediately, wow!

This article was beautiful and spoke to me, and for me.  I am not the only one. I lost count at how many times the article posted  online.

I read the article and it hit me immediately. I tapped into exactly why this article was so important, why it was touching so many lives. It goes back to what the amazing storyteller and researcher Brene Brown writes in her books and shares in her videos.

We all need to feel connected, we all want a sense of belonging.

This article does all that. For the millions of moms and dads who raise special needs kids it is a reminder that we are not alone. Then the icing on the cake is the connection that you feel to the author, and even greater the millions of others who feel as you do.

1. I am tired. Parenting is already an exhausting endeavor. But parenting a special needs child takes things to another level of fatigue. Even if I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, or have had some time off, there is a level of emotional and physical tiredness that is always there, that simply comes from the weight of tending to those needs.

via Maria Lin: 6 Things You Don’t Know About a Special Needs Parent.

I read this brilliant article and immediately wanted to know who was this amazing woman, I had to find out. I immediately tracked her down on twitter and beyond. I found her private email and sent her a letter straight away. I want to be friends with this poetic writer of special needs truths, this everyday normal mom just like me.

Who is Maria Lin?

Maria Lin is the editor in chief of LearnVest, the preeminent website for women and their money, where she writes about money, time and human behaviors. She was the co-founder of cult lifestyle site UrbanDaddy, and has written for publications such asReal SimpleNew York magazine, Time Out New York, and has appeared in The Washington PostABC NewsFox Business NewsThe Wall Street Journal, and theBBC. She graduated from Swarthmore College and Berkeley Law School, and attended the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. She lives in Manhattan with her son. www.marialin.com

She blew me away. She wrote back. She was kind and humble. I asked if I could share her blog and she said, “YES!” I am so thrilled.

If you are one of the few people who hasn’t read this article please take the time to do so now.

Parents of special needs children will rejoice that you are not alone.

Even if you don’t have a child with special needs, this article will open your eyes and your hearts to our everyday struggles.

Thank you so much Maria Lin. You have made so many families feel a sense of connection and belonging. I am so very grateful for that!

Billionaires, Happiness Junkies, and Dreamers

8 Mar

I am a dreamer……

I have been a dreamer my entire life. I have always had big ideas swirling around in my head.

My dreams now are still wild, but a bit more realistic.

My dreams now are my current manifestation wish list.

My dreams now include me thanking the universe in advance for them happening in my life.

I sat on the sofa this morning with pain medication running through my body. I had the heating pad wrapped around my jaw. The heat from the pad was scorching my skin, but I dare not remove it. I was convinced of its healing powers and the magical effect it would have on taking away my pain.

Yes, it was 7am and Good Morning America was about to start. I love this show and never get to watch it, I typically lose out to Sesame Street or Super Why. I am so glad I tuned in today. I needed a little bit of inspiration, and I got it.

Most of you have heard of the stocking company Spanx. Many of you own them or hope to own a pair one day. They make your tush look great,  and they make your body look amazing under those white pants that you wouldn’t dream of ever wearing.

Sara Blakely, Founder & Owner of Spanx is 41 years old and started her company 12 years ago at the they ripe age of 29. Sara came up with the idea and took her life savings a whopping $5,000 to start the company.

Fast forward 12 years and Sara Blakely has just been added to the Forbes Billionaire list. HELLO DREAMERS OF THE WORLD.

This story is not inspiring to me because she is a BILLIONAIRE.

It is inspiring to me because it reminds me that ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD.

It reminds me that if I do what I love, what inspires me, and what makes my heart overflow with love then I too shall see success.

I find that success looks very different for me today than it did 10 years ago, heck it looks different from it did even 5 years ago.

I am a visionary.

I am a dreamer.

I am a happiness junkie.

I am a billionaire(I am rich with soul.)

I sat at the dinner table with my family tonight. I looked at my husband and said the following words to him,

“I have a son with a horribly painful and incurable condition, we have a ton of stress in our lives, and we have had some really terrible stuff occur in our lives in the last few years. The incredible thing is that I have never been as happy in my life as I am right now.”

It is mind-blowing even to me. I make it a practice every single day to find happiness. After a some time it just became a part of me. Happiness lives inside of me now. My relationship with happiness is completely different than what it used to be.

It used to be just fleeting moments of happiness that I would cling to, just  like lint clings to your favorite pair of black pants.

At first I was actually uncomfortable with happiness. It didn’t feel right, it didn’t fit. I had become accustomed to living in chaos and stress, that is what felt right. That inner turmoil was like your favorite sweater. I have officially donated that sweater and moved on.

I watched the amazing Sara, owner of Spanx, on Good Morning America and  I thought to myself I really can see my dreams.

I see a future where I am successful. I have a successful and functioning family. I have a successful career. I am surrounded by people who I love, people who inspire me and bring joy to the world. I see a future with financial freedom, one where money no longer is a stress trigger.

I am  obsessed with Lord Ganesha a Hindu Deity.

Although he is known by many other attributes, Ganesha’s elephant head makes him particularly easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles[10] and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstaclespatron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom.He is honoured at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies and invoked as Patron of Letters during writing sessions.

I feel as if in some way he is always by my side. I was one who was easily overcome by my obstacles, now I seem to manage a way around them or rid myself of them completely. I truly feel as if he is guiding me on my path.

I love the idea of removing obstacles. I love the idea of new beginnings.

Every moment is a new beginning. Every moment we inhabit a new part of ourselves and a new opportunity for something different. This is what keeps me going every day. This is what has brought me to this profoundly calm, grateful, joyful, and abundant state I am in life right now.

Here are my 3 words. Here I am. This is me.
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